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The people behind First Estates

Providing great services depends on great people
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Who we are…

  • We are a modern and successful international company
  • We are known never to give up
  • Everyone that works with us plays a major role in creating First Estates experience
  • We look for talented people with ideas and energy, passion and personality. People like us who believe that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

What we do…

  • We speak a dozen languages, reflecting the global audience we serve
  • We think creatively and collaborate successfully both internally and with our customers
  • We equip our staff with the latest technology and provide specialized training in real estate; IPad, Competitive salary and unlimited earnings potential, Incentives & rewards
  • We have excellent working conditions, bright and professional colleagues
  • We maintain an open culture and will help you to be the best, because our company’s success depends on you.

Find a job with us and join our team!

If you are thinking about your next move and are looking for a professional challenge and personal reward, why not apply for one of our positions!

  • We are looking for the best people in the profession
  • When you start with First Estates, you will feel the heart of real estate services.
  • You will gain valuable international experience, using your languages daily and get the best from our professional training during your time with us, which will put you a step ahead of the rest.
  • Working in a real business environment will also help you clarify the way you want to develop yourself professionally.
  • Within our team we meet new people and learn every single day, work and give our best, achieve results and always have fun together.
  • If none of the positions listed meet your profile and professional experience, you can send us an application to: l If a suitable position comes available, we will contact you.


People for us

  • "One of the things that is important to me when I change my work is a team that will work with. In First Estates I met many interesting, energetic and successful people. Met respect and good attitude from management and I liked it. "Georgi Ivanov
  • "I love a challenge and start-ups - where you can start from scratch, to stand out the most, you have freedom to do variety of things, to be creative and it lacks intrigues and groups, we all are like a family. "Vanya Filipova
  • "When dealing with luxury properties, you have the opportunity to meet famous people, to use your languages in communication with foreigners constantly and to earn good money."Tanya Georgieva

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