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Dimitar Georgiev - Your property consultant in Borovo and Belite Brezi



My name is Dimitar Georgiev and I have been a professional real estate agent since 2005. During this period, I have assisted various clients – owners of rental properties, sellers, buyers or tenants and international clients. I have gained valuable experience in the process of selling homes, working with state institutions - Municipal Administration, Agency for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre, Cartography and Cadastre, Notaries and more. For several years, I worked in the banking industry, where I learned about the important points for a bank in financing and determining the value of residential property.

Since 2007 I live on Rodopski Izvor Street in Borovo. Here, with my wife, we raise our three children - boys where they grow up. You may guess that I know the area well. smiley

Being familiar with the real estate market in Sofia, specifically Borovo, Belite Brezi and the neighborhoods around, I can be to your advantage and we can together determine the adequate, current market value of the property to be offered for sale. This is the most important thing in the sales process, in order to strike the right balance between the current demand for similar homes and the condition, type and price at which your property will be sold.

You probably ask yourself questions like: What is the price of my apartment? Where can I find clients for it?

• Being in touch with me will give you the answer to these questions as well as FREE advice on the value of your property.

• In the meantime, I will provide you with information on how we will sell your property and take pictures of your property with a professional photographer.

• With the help of our Marketing guru, we will provide targeted advertising for your property with the help of various marketing tools.

• You will be also be serviced by our lawyer during the whole process.

If you are considering to sell a property, you can fill in the box below or contact me at the contacts listed. yes


Dimitar Georgiev - Your property consultant in Borovo and Belite Brezi


Phone: 0700 15 15 1

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