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Everything You Need to Know About Working With Real Estate Agents

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These days, more than half of buyers start their home search online. However, just because a home search starts online, it doesn’t mean that buyers aren’t looking for a little help with the process. Approximately, 90% of recent home buyers purchased through a real estate agent or broker.

So, what does a real estate agent do? And what can you expect from working with one? Let’s take a look.

Real estate agents professionally deal with and know in detail all aspects of real estate deals. A real estate agent can list homes for sale, help buyers navigate the process, show homes to prospective buyers, and handle the various paperwork of a real estate transaction.

Additionally, real estate agents are usually expected to market the homes they list. So, if you’re selling, expect your real estate agent to include your home in a newsletter, take attractive photos, and post it online.

Some real estate agents are buyer’s agents, which means that they work only on behalf of those looking to buy. That way, you know you won’t have a conflict of interest because the agent won’t be working both sides of the transaction.

Meanwhile, see how to prepare your property for sale. 

How a real estate agent can help you?

When you work with a real estate agent, there are a few things you can expect:

  • Help to find the right home for your situation
  • Connecting with professionals like home inspectors and title agents
  • Negotiating an offer on your behalf (whether you’re buying or selling)
  • Communicating with other players during the course of the sale
  • Advising you on properly pricing your home as a seller
  • Marketing the property heavily on behalf of a seller

Real estate agents essentially represent their clients in the home buying or selling processes. Agents can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do, however. They still have to get your approval to move forward with deals.

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