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Capabilities for upgrading and expanding smart home system features

Feature in Focus


One of the biggest advantages of automation systems is their flexibility and the ability to expand their capabilities.

When you have a standard electrical installation at home, at the office or in the hotel, any change in features or scale will always entail the introduction of new cable routes - whether you want to turn the lamp back from one place, or if you want to divide the lights in the room of two circles. Repair, in any case, will be necessary, even if you only want to change the management of the blinds, curtains or heating. Who loves repairs?

Here comes the benefits of automation systems, namely the avoidance of all sorts of inconveniences, dust and annoying activities.

The first and most important step is planning before preparing the needed project. The second step is the conversation with the people who will use the system. You can tell us how you imagine the perfect home then the designer and integrator can start work on the project and the realization of your dreams.

In the initial planning, it is important to consider all the details of the future upgrade of the system. These may be additional cable trails, more flexible cabling, and things that ensure that the system will be functional and responsive to your needs more than 10 years.

You will be surprised how reliable and efficient a smart home system can be, even in the wildest dreams you have not imagined. Our partners Smartity can build up your dream smart home, and we from First Estates will be pleased to help you find it. smiley

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