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The construction of the new residential complex SoHome Residential Park began

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SoHome Residential Park is a new residential complex in Lozenets area, close to Paradise Center, Loven Park, Zoo and Vitosha Metro Station. The forest and the city are the two basic elements that define the overall architectural idea, merging into one with a view of the mountain.

We at First Estates offer properties in SoHome for sale. You can learn more about some of the apartments here and here.

Top quality materials will be used to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The facades are walled and German clinker slabs, and the window frames are aluminum. There is an individual air-to-water heat pump, the apartments are sold without finishing works, with the possibility of finishing on an individual project.

The complex will have a fitness center with a wellness area, a garden restaurant and 18 food and retail area. There will be 22 dka of parks, gardens, water mirrors, fountains and 7 playgrounds.

In terms of security, access is controlled, with constant video surveillance and mobile patrol 24/7. The management and maintenance of the complex is with a company controlled by the investor.

The cars will be directed along the periphery of the property to two underground levels. Designed are 2-room, 3-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments. The flats on the ground floor have adjoining gardens and create a sense of detached houses.

There will be 22 acres of parks, gardens, water mirrors, fountains and 7 playgrounds.

The original idea is for the new residential area to be 12,000 people, where ten 5-storey buildings will be located on an area of 35 decares. Stages 1, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will be built on Stage 1.


Stage 1 - August 2021

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