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The main benefits for automation system users

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A few weeks ago, we were pleased to introduce you Zdravko and “Smartity”. We also told you about the so-called "smart" homes, the major automation system preferences and the benefits they have to you as consumers.

In the following lines, we'll tell you in more detail about what are the benefits from a consumer perspective and how you can have your dream home.

The main advantages that automation systems provide you are the comfort of living, security in your everyday life, cost savings, and last but not least entertainment.

The comfort of living in your home is perhaps the most individual thing and therefore the solutions that offer it must be as flexible as possible. Each of us has different understanding of the perfect home: for some is a relaxing evening with loved ones around the table, for others is the chance to watch an interesting movie when everyone is already sleeping, or a warm and cozy place with a book in hand.

After all this, you will surely want the temperature in your home to be easily and intuitively adjustable, the lighting to be the same as you would like, or the lights to be off in the rooms where no one is. Еach of us can give examples like these. Right?

Comfort is when you wake up very early on Monday morning, the coffee machine has just made your coffee - as strong and as long as you have prepared it yourself. It is this sense of convenience and ease that provides our systems - they are designed to work according to your needs, not to have to adapt to their functions.

The most common example of Smartity's practice is a flood sensor - in a bathroom, in a wet room or even in the kitchen: when we are at work or on holiday and such a breakdown occurs, except that your Smart Home system will notify you for the leak, will also be able to stop the tap of water.

If you get an unpleasant surprise during your vacation that a pipe got broken in your home, then you can rest assured that the water is stopped and the damage is limited and the vacation will be more enjoyable.

The security is also the possibility to check if you have turned off the iron after you have ironed early in the morning ... Yes, we also have irons and they do not work alone, but it would be great!

The third factor we can not miss to mention is the economics of electricity, water, and gas that these systems provide you. The secret is that by fine-tuning the temperature and counting real-time adjustments, your system can reduce the amount for the season by 20-45%. Sounds complicated? Well, we'll give you an example:

Apartment of 120 sq.m. with heating of the thermal power plant: the real reduction of the bills for heating season is 35.6%, and in the case of a family with a baby in an apartment of 109 sq.m., where there is a heat pump with radiators and a boiler, everything is supplied with electricity. Savings on their calculations: 27.3% of electricity bills.

Last but not least we leave the time for fun because what is home without laughter? If you enjoy listening to music, how do you feel for the idea of being heard in all the rooms? If you often have guest friends, you will want to listen to different music, depending on the occasion, but imagine when a guest wants to let you know about something new that he has discovered, you will not be dealing with file transfers, USB sticks and so on: is just to enter the code and the song is about to start.

All of these examples are a small part of the wishes of Smartity's customers and they all have become a reality. People are extremely creative in their ideas when thinking about how to make their lives easier.

If you're wondering how to make your day easier and more enjoyable, the company has something for you. They have created a demonstration, a fully automated home that will show you in a realistic environment how home automation systems can make it easier for you to learn about their capabilities.

Coming soon the next post on "How systems can be tailored to the needs of each user".

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