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Today we have the pleasure to introduce you Zdravko from "Smartity". He is an electronics engineer, he has been dealing with automation systems / smart homes since 2005 – in the beginning he started at “Льогранд”, as founder and manager (2002-2009), then in “Smartity”.

In the next two weeks, we will tell you in more detail about the automation systems in the development of smart homes.

You will ask, "What do these systems do and what can I use?"

Systems can do anything you would like to request from them without limitation. For example, they can make your morning coffee, manage them with voice commands, to let in your home the person who cleans your house only on the day that it is agreed and etc. Anything you think of as an idea could be integrated at the customer's request.

"My advice to you is to dream big for your future home, and then tell us about it. The right formula for a happy life in a smart home is the feeling of comfort and protection, because the home, besides providing shelter, can also be your true assistant in everyday life", says Zdravko.

Automation systems have four key benefits - comfort, economy, security and entertainment.

For example, each of us would like to easily and efficiently manage the lighting and air conditioning in your home. If you opened the windows, the air conditioner will stop automatically until you close or when you go home and turn on the alarm, all the lights will turn off. There are many other options that will be discussed in more detail in the following articles.

About “Smartity”

It was founded in 2009 by Zdravko and his other business partner with a main field of activity integration of systems for automation, engineering and consulting of automation projects.

The company works both in Bulgaria and with other EU countries (Spain, Germany, France, Belgium). For over 10 years, more than 70 automation systems have been created - in Bulgaria there are residential (apartments, houses) and in the EU - hotels, office buildings, residential and closed complexes.

'Smartity' works with over 30 partners. This allows them more flexibility, according to the different requirements of each project, customer and designer: such as features, budget and vision.

Have you been interested? Expect more details about Smartity's activities and their completed projects in our next articles very soon. Stay tuned.

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