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„Eternity“ with First Estates and Euro Films

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“First Estates” strongly believes that art is the purest manifestation of the strive for self-improvement. Thus, our team happily supports the initiative for popularizing European and independent cinema. In this particular case, we`ll be focusing on French cinema. “First Estates” will start a collaboration with “Euro Films”, in which our company will support a series of movie screenings, devoted to our mutual love for beautiful stories, great movies, and the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine with a wonderful company.

And in order to initiate this campaign, “First Estates” and “Euro Films” have the pleasure of inviting you to the special screening of the fantastic French movie “Eternity” – October 24th, 2016, 19:30 h. 

The movie adaptation of Alice Ferney`s bestseller will immerse the viewers into a beautiful and affecting fairytale of love and its unwavering power. The movie is a peculiar ode to life to women as mothers, while it also describes the limitless love of each generation to come.

“First Estates” gladly stands behind this initiative because it believes that quality cinema needs strong support in order to become more recognizable, likeable and followed in our country.

Join us on this special night, dedicated to French cinema, and have a complementary glass of nice wine with us after the screening.

What: Screening of the movie “Eternity”; complementary wine provided.
Where: City Mark Art Center; ex Levski Cinema
When: 24.10.2016, 19:30 h.

Price: two ticket options – 10lv. and 15lv.

You will have the opportunity to watch “Eternity” in selected cinemas starting November 4th.

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