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Meet Rebecca from Eat Stay Love Bulgaria



As representatives of an expat community which chose Bulgaria as their home and country, we are always delighted when we have the chance to meet and work with other kindred spirits. Today we introduce to you Rebecca and her project Eat Stay Love Bulgaria.

Tell us about Eat Stay Love Bulgaria and why you started this website?

Just over two years ago I moved to Sofia and was struggling to find information online in English about things to do and places to visit. I decided that as I discovered nice places I would write about them in my blog. This would make it easier to share with my friends but also to help other people who found themselves in the same situation as I did when I first arrived. Gradually, I started adding more and more things to the blog and it started to develop into a complete guide for expats or travellers visiting Bulgaria.


Why did you move to Sofia?

My partner is Bulgarian and we met in London about 5 years ago. We had been travelling and working together for a while when an opportunity came up for us both to work in Sofia. I had visited once and really enjoyed it, so I thought why not! Ever since, I have been working in Sales and Marketing for a Bulgarian company selling a software internationally. I’m very fortunate that my job in Sofia allows me to travel and I can go back home to the UK quite often so I never get homesick!


What do you enjoy about life in Sofia?

It’s been very easy to settle into life in Sofia. There’s a very nice community of expats and I have also made lots of local friends. During the summer the centre of Sofia is one of the most beautiful city centre’s I’ve seen. Street cafes and restaurants line the main boulevard and the atmosphere and weather is just perfect!

What do you recommend for expats to help them settle in quickly?

I suggest getting involved with as many networking groups as possible. If you register with your embassy you can join activities organised by them which are a great way to meet your neighbours from home. There are also expat groups such as Internations who organise weekly get togethers and for ladies there is the International Women’s Club. I’ve been actively involved in all of these groups since I arrived and it has been a fantastic way to make really great friends.


Do you speak Bulgarian?

I’m ashamed to say no! I have started to pick up the language slowly but I haven’t studied at all therefore I struggle to talk. I do plan to take lessons soon; however, I must say that it has been very easy to manage without the language so far. Most people in Sofia speak English and are very helpful.


What is your favourite place to visit in Bulgaria?

I have so many favourite places in Bulgaria now! I love the seaside around Sozopol and Nessebar, I love the whole region around Veliko Tarnovo and I also love Plovdiv! I try to visit as many places in Bulgaria as possible and then write about them in my blog so you’ll find all my favourite little hidden gems there!



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