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The Buyer-Seller Algorithm

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Maybe the biggest client benefit of engaging an agency, in the buying or selling process, is the tons of spared time for the client. This comes from proper channeling of the process still at its beginning. Helping potential buyers recognize their true necessities at the start is a task which First Estates takes very seriously (Infogr.: St.3). On the other side of the game, sellers tend to overprice their properties due to sentimental attachment or false impression they could cheat the market, which throws them into a sale deadlock.  First Estates aims at working with the maximum sales price of a property, while keeping the cost in line with its true market value (Infogr.: St.2).

Another time saving factor for the buyer is the direction to a curated portfolio of properties which fit client’s specific requirements. Singing up for a client’s profile on First Estates website provides access to extensive database of offerings - many of which exclusive for website members, that could be filtered out according to specified characteristics (Infogr.: St.4).

The viewings part could turn into the most time-consuming one, if the brokerage is not dedicated to work in client’s interests. First Estates consider how difficult it is for everyone to find these two free hours to complete a property visit, so they organize only viewings with true potential of a completed deal for both buyer and seller (Infogr.: St.5).

Many sellers tend to underestimate the work related to the administrative preparation for the deal. Clients can trust their First Estates broker, to ensure the flawlessness of all seller-provided documentation, negotiate the most favorable conditions in the deal and assist the smoothest transfer of ownership. Honest presentation of all legal details of a property to the broker, allows timely activation of all necessary procedures for a fast sale (Infogr.: St.7).

See another of our infographics here. This one presents the current tendency in prices for the most prestigous neighborhoods in Sofia. 

* This text is part of a longer article published in "Vagabond" magazine 

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