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Hi Juliana! Tell us more about you work as an insurance broker with NetIns Brokers.

I’ve been with the company for a short while, but tor the time spent here, I got familiar with and adopted their values and professional strives. I am happy, that our goals found a mutual ground and a partner in First Estates and I believe that a cooperation between the two companies is the beginning of shared success!


NetIns Brokers operates on the Bulgarian market since 2012. As a yet relatively young company on the insurance market, what are, according to you, some of the unique advantages of the company in comparison to its competitors?




NetIns Brokers is a young and developing company in the strongly competitive segment of insurance providers and brokers.  We strive towards high professional standards in customer service and in providing client services and products that most optimally match our clients’ needs. Also, company efforts have been directed towards optimising the insurance process – a step that will ensure more convenience in the service for both parties – insurance brokers and the end client. 


First Estates and NetIns Brokers are working on a mutual partnership project. Tell us more about the focus of the cooperation between the two companies?

The goal of the two companies is to provide a wider portfolio of services for their clients and to optimise the time that they spend searching for the service that best fits their needs as clients.




On which common shared values is the cooperation between the two companies founded?

One small, but very important part of them are: dynamics, professionalism, personalised support and effectiveness. For our clients convenience, both companies are working towards further developing client communication using various informational channels.


What are some common goals and challenges that NetIns Brokers and First Estates face together?

The main goal for the two companies is to give our clients the best and most efficient service both when providing properties from the higher, more luxury segment, as well as to completely service their insurance needs. One challenge we face is building a recognizable brand through our team of specialists.




Can you name some of the unique advantages for your clients from a partnership between NetIns Brokers and First Estates?

We are unified under the motto that our mutual efforts have the common goal of providing an optimal and competitive customer serviceOur partnership allows us to offer a unique set of different services, all at once. Last, but not least, we take pride in our personalised relationships with our clients, which are of great importance to us.



NetIns Brokers owns a rich portfolio of insurance products. Which products would you state as most valuable for First Estates’s clients and why?

Each client has their own individual needs. We believe that trying to place those needs in a pre-existing mould is not a successful model. However, I can say that for clients, who own a property or a business which is closely related to real estate, it is of great importance to guarantee and ensure that their property characteristics and parameters stay intact, as well as to protect everything that is of value or of priority to them.


What are your personal observations from your common work with First Estates?

I am glad to have the opportunity to partner up with professionals with different fields, as well as to continue working on my own set of skills. I am confident that the ideas and values shared by the two companies will set the ground for mutual success and professional growth. 

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