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Slava Bankovska - beauty is found in the details



You’ve found your new dream home and now it is time to make the big move. To help guide you through this process we, from First Estates, sat down with one of the best interior decorators in Bulgaria and get some insights on how to turn a bland space into a home with a unique character.  Slava Bankovska is a professional interior decorator with years of experience and a rich portfolio of projects behind her. She is the author of “Spectacle on the Table”. Her professional experiences in the UK and in France have fostered a love for the eclectic in interior design. She strives to create interior spaces that reflect the individuality of her clients!




Hello Slava! Please, tell us a bit more about yourself and your professional background?


Slava Bankovska:Hello! My name is Slava Bankovska and I am an interior decorator. My professional engagements I can summarise as being very diverse. I am a part of various media projects, as well as interior decoration projects for different residential spaces.


What made you choose the profession of an interior decorator?

Slava Bankovska: My professional path started with engagements in the field of styling and decoration of store window displays. After a while I started working on common projects with interior designers from Paris and London. My work with them was such an inspiration and an invaluable professional experience. I learned a lot about how to create a specific atmosphere in a given space, how to change its looks by playing with colours, fabrics and details.



How would you describe the Bulgarian client and can you make a comparison between the working processes with clients here versus international clients?

Slava Bankovska: The Bulgarian client has changed his disposition and understanding of interior design in the last few years. This change can probably be explained by the fact that Bulgarians travel a lot more these days. They have free access to all sorts of information and all of that provokes them to search for more interesting and bold interior design solutions. Nevertheless, I still encounter certain difficulties when I try to bend their conceptions in favour of bolder solutions and improvisations. Outside, people are not afraid to experiment, to actively look for the new, for the different. They take on the challenge of us, together creating unexpected interiors with ease, interiors that utilise diversification in styles and bold combinations!

Does that mean that your professional strive is guided towards the presence of eclectics in an interior space?

Slava Bankovska: Yes, it is. I love creating combinations, that on a first glance may seem even shocking, but the end result always amazes!

In this case, perhaps you don’t have a specific style with which you choose to work on a daily basis?

Slava Bankovska: I don’t like to limit my work in specific norms. But I can tell you which type of interior I don’t like – the white, minimalistic interiors are not of my liking.




What professional principles do you follow, when working on a specific interior space?

Slava Bankovska: I always abide by the specific spirit of a space. I feel it is very important to preserve the given character that a room has. I strive to save and restore details with a strong presence, such as beautiful interior doors, natural floorings and finishings. Unfortunately, sometimes restorations require a budget that is either the same or more that a client would spend on purchasing entirely new interior elements, but preserving original accents is a foundation, on which they can build impressive interior solutions with their own unique characters.

When I work with entirely new spaces I try to achieve a presence and a specific character through combining eclectic methods in the details. For example the combination of modern lightning on classic velour couches.

The textile is a very important element in my work. I love working with a mix of various fabrics and upholsteries.

According to you, which are the current trends in decorating and furnishing a home in Bulgaria? What do we see on the market today?

Slava Bankovska: To my surprise, I more frequently notice good and interesting interior solutions, because as it seems, people have overcome their fear of experimentation and are now looking towards interiors that boldly display their own character. This is part of my professional approach as well - to create interiors that reflect the essence of their owners.

On a global scale, we see a continued trend towards eclectics. We can see a lot of attractive solutions that combine materials, such as wood and metal for example. We can also sense an apparent influence of styles typical of the 1950-ies.



Are there any professional tricks with which we can quickly and cheaply transform a space?

Slava Bankovska: Changing lightning fixtures is a commonly used method of transformation. If you wish to change the character of a given space, you can easily achieve that through adding new lightning.

If you light up a painting with decorative lights, this changes the accent points in an interior space and that space can even start to appear more magical, mystical.

Switching up the places of the furniture can also help quickly transform the overall feel of a space.



When a home is being sold or let, what role can an interior decorator play in the process?

Slava Bankovska: The decorator can give a space a more attractive, even seductive look and feel. The role of the decorator in this case can be key, because his work can truly be the deciding factor in the specific property be the one chosen by a client. It is important to note that this effect can be achieved on a budget, because it won’t require purchasing new or different inventory. On the contrary – I look for a specific feel of a place through conceptualising current details that the space possesses!  

Are there any other occasions, besides selling or letting a property, when “dressing a room” for a viewing can be useful? 

Slava Bankovska: A similar practice is often used for different photo shoots for example. I have similar experiences with different media. On more than one occasion, I had to create a specific conceptual look for a given space, to work with themes. Interesting and practical advices on how to decorate conceptually and through themes I’ve compiled in my book “Spectacle on the Table”.

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