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Good Morning, old Sofia!

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In a beautiful Sofia morning in the early twenties of last century, the capital is woken by the crystal clear bell chant coming from Saint Alexander Nevsky cathedral, where the golden shimmer of its mighty domes blends with the morning rays of the rising sun – good morning, beautiful Sofia! Good morning to the gentleman crossing the threshold of his home in a hurry,  and to the elegant ladies, meeting the new day among the flower filled paths among the green flora of the ‘Doctor’s Garden’. Good morning to the chatty group of smiling students gathered around Shipka str., seemingly gliding with a fast pace towards the main halls of Sofia University and good morning to the writer deep in his thoughts, pacing through the quietness of the morning among the grandeur of the venetian style urban architecture of Oborishte str.

That’s what a typical morning looked like in this emblematic Sofia region more than 80 years ago – colourful, impressive in its architecture – in line with the spirit of western European traditions of the early 20th century!

Good day, new Sofia!

Today FIRST ESTATES offers you to share a walk in one of the most beautiful, full of the true Spirit of Sofia regions – the wonderful Doctor’s Garden. An astaunishing urban dendrarium, surrounded by the emblematic Oborishte str. and the artsy Shipka str.


The garden – the spirit of romance then and now!

At the very heart of this walk inevitably embedded with romance, in a mesmerising flower and wood composition, the Doctor’s Garden, filled with stories of times past, blossoms before our eyes!

This beautiful garden is constructed as a dendrarium with multiple flora tree and flower specimens typical of the early 30s of the 20th century and it has embraced the name of the monument, proudly erected at the garden’s centre.

The quiet alleys seem to sink into the tranquillity of the greenness and shades this garden provides, and the cosy benches, situated among intertwining rose bushes undoubtedly contribute to the unique charm of this park, encompassing in itself the most beautiful and romantic part of the history of old Sofia. The lapidarium situated in the north-east part of the garden offers yet another unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and grandeur of times long gone, times filled with the unique exposition of archaeological findings from the Roman period in old Serdica.

The complete renovation of the garden not only brought back its original glory and glamour, but it also managed, in a subtle yet impressive way, to introduce new opportunities for children’s games and fun thanks to the building of functional and modern playgrounds.

The pleasure from this inspiring walk in the flower garden is accentuated by the opportunity for a quiet rest or a chat with an old friend in the bar-garden, situated under the natural shade provided by nearby trees.

The romantic pavilions in line with old Sofia’s art nouveau style and the original fountain work – a stamp on architectural traditions from last century will transform your afternoon coffee into a sweet and emotional experience with an intense taste and a long-lasting aftertaste!

On the streets of history

From both sides of Doctor’s garden you can find two streets deeply embedded in the history of making this capital what it is today – Oborishte str. And Shipka str.

Oborishte str. has often been named among one of the most emblematic Sofia streets. Her construction began almost immediately after Sofia was allocated as the center and the capital of the country. The street’s beginning starts from the very heart of the capital – the Saint Alexander Nevsky cathedral. In order to achieve the unique look and architecture of the street, some of the best foreign and local architects have been appointed at the project in the beginning of the 20th century. The feeling of subtle Vienna historicism in the residential architecture is combined with the romanticism of the typical for the 20th century art nouveau. The floral elements of residential facades, craftily restored, impress and inspire even today with their splendour and emblematic architecture!

Your new home probably finds you somewhere here, cosily situated among romantic Italian restaurants along the whole of Oborishte str. or somewhere near one of the multiple urban galleries, filled with inspirational pieces of post-modernist art.

Perhaps your home is in one of the many buildings, formerly owned by well-off Bulgarian traders, bankers and politicians belonging to the beginning of last century, or your home could even await your arrival above some of the coquette book stores among the aroma of old paper and ink. And certainly, your home might be found somewhere next to the varied diplomatic embassies and councils situated on Oborishte str.

On the other side of the Doctor’s garden we find ourselves on Shipka str. – perhaps one of the most inspiring and artsy streets in the whole of Sofia.

At it’s very beginning, we see the impressive building of the oldest higher education establishment in the country – Sofia University ‘Saint Kliment Ohridski’. The interior, as well as the façade of this university are an impressive example of the lavishness of the architectural artful style of art nouveau. The building itself has the status of an architectural, historical and cultural monument of national importance, which nowadays offers education in 103 different specialities in the fields of humanitarian and technical sciences.

Shipka str. continues with a varied assortment of cosy coffee shops, artful small stores and opportunities for tasteful soul food experiences.

Like the street’s beginning, its end has earned a spot in the limelight, because that is where you can find the building of the 38th primary school ‘Vasil Aprilov’ – one of the oldest schools in Sofia. The current building, impressive in its architecture, was built in 1912 and even in nowadays can be considered as one of the best places for your children to begin their path towards education.

FIRST ESTATES is here to turn this inspiring walk into the romantic period of old Sofia and the capital’s beautiful present into a unique opportunity for you to find a remarkable home – Your home in one of the city’s most emblematic destinations by far!

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