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In the quietness of the noisy city

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An interior to inspire

On a quiet, cosy side street, stamped with elements of Sofia’s classic old age beauty, masterfully combined with the colourful splash of modern Sofia – the bubbly, vibrant ‘Vitoshka’, you can find yourself drawn to a home with an eclectic feel, encompassing in its 110 square meters the trends of modern lifestyle combined with traditional aesthetics.


Something new – Something old

This stunning two-bedroom apartment, consisting of a modern functional kitchen, a spacious living room and two separate bright bedrooms, has the spirit of modern loft homes, exquisitely mixed with traditional interior aesthetics. A sense of balance and harmony dominates the eclectic interior of different styles, masterfully achieving a feel of a modern classic.


The secret is in the details

A truly impressive interior accent in this beautiful home is the open brick wall present in the hallway and living area, combined in an unique aesthetic interaction with the colour white, as a dominant decorative element, along with the warmth of natural wooden floorings and accentuated interior pieces.

The presence of delicate vintage elements, seen in the cosiness of wood and in the meantime the subtle, but clearly present modern feel in white, make this apartment a beautiful example of an ideal mix of tradition and modernity.

The choice of light and natural tones, minimalistic design and the effective details reminding us of a New York loft, act as the finishing touches in this vision of comfort, space, tranquillity combined with modernism in all areas of this incredible home!


Style and comfort

The choice of furniture and decorative elements is impressive in its simplicity and clean look, and the white colours further accentuate the feeling of spaciousness and light.

The kitchen is fully renovated and offers the comfort of modern trends – built-in appliances, modern design. True to the feel of the rest of the apartment, the kitchen offers a soft feel with elegant forms and modern aesthetics.

The two bedrooms create a cosy atmosphere through the beauty of natural wooding and the clean design, voided of unnecessary decorative elements.

The overall sense of tranquillity and harmony is successfully incorporated in the design concept of all areas through masterful combination of warm and bright tones and the choice of furniture with a minimalistic vision.  The bedrooms aren’t filled with unnecessary furnishings and thanks to that the space feels like it ‘breathes’ freely – a detail especially important in an area, the purpose of which is to help us relax after a busy day and recharge us with energy for the day to come.

The bathroom also possesses its own energy and character. The essence of this concept is the interesting combination of dark wall tiles and a flooring, softened by subtle accents in natural wooden nuances. This complete look, highlighting its high-class character, is a brave interpretation of extravagancy and style.


A view with a meaning

The overall spacious feel is met with an incredible view, that this home offers – the unique combination of an urban panorama with a mountain landscape!

If your style and personal aesthetics found a true match in the eyes of this wonderful apartment in the heart of Sofia, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the First Estates’s team – the right first step to your new ideal home! More details about this stunning home you can find here.

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