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Vitoshka – Sofia’s bright smile

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Sofia – filled with stories and sentiments

Sofia is the city that keeps growing, but never gets old. Sometimes she is covered in mist, other times she is bathing in sunlight. Sometimes she’s quiet and dreamy, others – loud and jolly.  The true charm of this never aging girl hides in her mellow voice with which she whispers stories of romance of days long past and in the melody of her bubbly laughter!


 ‘Vitoshka’ – from beginning to end

‘Vitosha’ Boulevard, or more commonly known as ‘Vitoshka’ is the bright and colourful accessory in Sofia’s locks, without which she would undoubtedly lose part of her uniqueness and charm!

The mighty ‘Saint Nedelya’ cathedral and the square by the same name mark the beginning of the pedestrian lane. Upon trying to draw your eyes towards the end of the lane, your gaze will surely meet the rounded peeks of mount Vitosha – the name of which the most colourful boulevard in the capital has inherited! 


Sofia’s smile

If you truly wish to feel the pulse of ‘Vitoshka’, you may simply place your hand in its very heart and let yourself be taken by the colours and laughter of the numerous small cafés and nearby restaurants. Let yourself be drawn by the fresh smell of coffee and vanilla ice-cream, the melody of a street artist playing the saxophone, or the bright lights of window shopping! Because that’s exactly what ‘Vitoshka’ stands for – a multi-coloured urban spiral of tastes and aromas to indulge in, music to lose yourself in, sweet-talk to relax yourself with and  a shopping experience you will surely give into easily!

Tranquillity. One step away from the noises of the city.

Even though in the very heart of the busy city – ‘Vitoshka’ is a location that will surprise you with its proximity to quiet little streets, where Sofia will once more whisper her undying tales and will lead you to cosy neighbourhood stores, small family book shops and last but not least – will offer you her hospitality in the face of a new home, hidden in the tranquillity of the small central alleys!



The things that truly matter

If ‘Vitoshka’ only offered the noisy business of constant fun, than she wouldn’t be part of that specific Sofia charm of possessing both the wisdom of the ages and the naïveté of a young girl! It is exactly here that you could find the things that truly matter – the opportunity for great education for your children!

The building of the 22nd  ,Georgi Stoykov Rakovski’ High School is located on 134 Vitosha bul. and it has been around for 110 years! The modern High School is the predecessor of the 2nd Sofia All-male High School and one of the best places for your kids to equip themselves with a strong start in education!   

Only minutes walking distance away from the pedestrian ‘Vitoshka’ boulevard, on the quiet street of ‘Saint Peter’ you can find an all-day kindergarten for the youngest ones, and the nearby parks with renovated playgrounds provide you with great possibilities of family fun during the weekend!

If you’ve already made the decision that your new home is at the very heart of the city, then ‘Vitoshka’ Boulevard awaits you with a big smile and the promise that exactly here you will be able to find the dynamic business of the city combined with the peace and tranquillity of home!


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